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Mobern LED Vaportight Light Fixture - 48 Watt - 5000K

Price Each: $128.17
Item Number: 76026

Mobern LED vaportight light fixtures with 48 watt 5000K are used in places where the light source is sealed form the outside elements like water and dirt. It creates high illumination while providing a wash down capability. Now with LED, this makes it possible to save more energy than ever and have a light that is almost maintenance-free. This fixture has several certifications including IP67 rated for water immersion, NSF certified for splash zone, and UL Listed for wet location. The lens is made of unbreakable polycarbonate which means it's going to last for many years to come even under harsh conditions. This is a commercial grade product and deeper proof for almost any interior that has washed down or other types of water that can be invasive to any light fixture. It's important to keep the interior of any light fixture dry in free from moisture. In doing so you will help lengthened the life of not only the light fixture, but the internal LED's you use as well. The seals will prevent any moisture from getting inside the light making it the perfect choice for almost any type of industrial lighting situation. These are also used for things like outdoor parking areas which can be considered somewhat of a rough environment.

Product features & specifications:
- 48 watt LED.
- 5000K light color.
- 5570 lumens.
- Mounting brackets included for easy installation.
- IP67 rating for prismatic lens.
- Continuous poured gasket provides tight seal.
- Polycarbonate clear lens.
- Polycarbonate latches are standard.
- 120 / 277 universal voltage.
- 51.8" L x 7.3" W.
- 0-10 volt dimming.
- Made in the USA.
- 5-year warranty.
- Designed for easy assembly
- Ease of installation and maintenance
- Poured in place gasket seals the enclosures for most hostile environments
- Economical mounting system can provide dramatic savings on installation labor, thus reducing costs
- Very tough diffusers resist breakage and reduce replacement and maintenance costs

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