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Mobern LED Globe Entry Lighting Fixture - 120-277 Volt - 3000K
LED entryway light fixtures illuminate the exterior or interior entryways of homes, buildings, or other structures.

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Mobern LED globe entry lighting fixture - 120-277 Volt 3000K for many types of security and general lighting needs. An energy efficient fixture with an unbreakable polycarbonate lens. Many people like the instant-on capability of the LED lamps, and the heavy-duty construction for years of service. Replaces up to a 50-watt high-intensity discharge lamps like metal halide or high-pressure sodium. The 6-inch globe protects the light and is unbreakable for security and public areas.

Product features:
- 11 watt.
- 912 lumens.
- 3000K light color.
- Input Voltage: 120 VAC
- Replaces 50 watts HID.
- Use in decorative lighting applications: entrys, Walkways, Door Step Lighting and pathways
- Painted Steel Base
- Frosted globe PMMA Lens
- CRI: >80
- Power Factor: .90
- 50000+ Hour LED Life Expectancy
- 5-year Warranty

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