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LED High Bay Light Fixtures Premium 4-Lamp with LED Lamps

LED premium 4-lamp high bay light fixture with 72 watts
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LED high bay light fixtures premium 4-lamp rated at 72 watts for many types of warehouse or commercial lighting needs. Replaces a variety of metal halide and fluorescent lighting to save energy for larger area lighting. The LED lamps distribute the light evenly in every direction while providing a certain amount of visual comfort, reducing glare. This light fixture offers quality lighting for wide-ranging applications and delivers excellent energy savings compared to linear fluorescent and metal halide fixtures. For a lot of lighting situations, this is a good low cost option to get maximum light output while still getting excellent energy efficiency. It has a sturdy construction they can stand up to all sorts of abuse while still maintaining light over many years of its life. The LED tube light bulbs can be changed if you want to change the color of the light. And for some people that could change over time if they want to go to something that was better for what they were doing underneath it. The reflector is a mirrored finish and does a good job at putting the light where it needs to go. If you need a report that will show you predicted footcandles for the area you're looking for, we can provide that and all you need to do is get us a few bits of information. You can either email or call us if you have questions about performance or how many light fixtures in may need for the space you're considering. High reflective mirror or enhanced white reflectors are computer designed to maximize photometric performance and put the light where you need it. The reflector of these bright led high bay fixtures snap into housing with no tools and is easily removable for maintenance. Access plate in the back makes wiring fast and hassle-free. The back of fixture is designed with built-in mounting holes for tong hanger and cable kit.

Product features & specifications:
- 72 watt.
- Four 18 watt LED lights included.
- 8400 lumens.
- Choice of light color.
- Optional 3-prong 120 volt plug.
- Designed for pendant, chain or stem mounting.
- Not designed for ceiling or wall mount.
- Includes 2 foot chain mounting kit.
- 91% reflector mirror-like reflector.
- Replaces up to 250 watt metal halide.
- Dimension L = 47 7/8" x W = 11 1/4" x H = 3 7/8"
- Applications include manufacturing, warehouse lighting, retail stores & other large indoor spaces.
- Voltage: 120/277, unless you choose 120 volt 3-prong plug.
- CRI: >80
- Power Factor: >.95
- FCC Class A.
- 50,000+ Lamp Rated Life Expectancy.
- Steel housing.
- UL listed.
- DLC listed.
- Damp location.
- 5-year warranty.
- Made in USA.

If you have indoor spaces like warehouses, manufacturing, gymnasiums, factories, and retail stores, you’re going to need the excellent lighting that only a high bay light fixture can provide. This four lamp unit can be used up to 20 feet, but there may be better options if you’re trying to use fewer light fixtures for the same purpose. We may be able to save you money by having fewer light fixtures depending on the application. We can run a layout to let you know which way might be the better option. It’s more than just talking about lumens, there are other things to consider such as the size of the room, how it’s painted, reflectance and the interaction from one light to another. You should also consider what task you’re going to be doing underneath the light, this is critical to get the best lighting possible for the least amount of dollars and the lowest investment long-term. There are many factors to consider and we can help you with that and it’s a matter of energy savings, maintenance savings and so on. There are some simple layouts for smaller spaces, but if you’re looking for something that’s bigger you have to make sure that all these factors are considered minimizing risk. Unlike other online retailers, we like to sell USA made products like this one. We feel it’s better to support American businesses and manufacturers who make products right here. The quality is always better in the performance is superior to many types of cheaper imports. So if you want to have better lighting for your facility, saving a lot of energy and supporting American manufacturing, it makes sense to do business with us. We will not only help you determine what is best for your commercial building, but supply you with well-made lighting fixtures that will last far into the future. It’s a great time to also take a look at electrical utility rebates which may lower your payback time as well. Those incentives cannot only help a payback but it also helps reduce electrical demand in your area which helps everyone.

Here's a sample layout for a space that is 40 x 80 feet and 18 feet high for detailed repair work as a task calculated at 2.5 feet off the ground:

At, we believe in providing people the best quality lighting products available on the market today. We also believe that it doesn’t have to cost a lot more to get this kind of quality. It does make a difference in the future as far as maintenance and performance are concerned. Buying a super cheap light fixture or light bulb has a lower cost right now, but ends up costing you more in the future because you’ll have to replace it sooner or have ongoing problems associated with poor quality. In other words, long after the excitement of cheap prices are gone, the sting of low quality remains. And that’s something we want to eliminate when people are dealing with us. We want to make sure you have something that’s going to last long into the future bringing a level of satisfaction and lower cost in the long run.

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