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Lumiline Type Light Bulbs - White - LED - 6 Watt - 11.75 Inch

Price Each: $146.18
Item Number: 228430

Lumiline Light Bulbs - LED in 11.75-inch length are a white linear LED with a disk end base. It's a linear source and works in many kinds of older fixtures and are made to fill the need for replacement lumiline bulbs. These lamps are used many times in bathrooms where a good skin tone is desired. These give off a beautiful light that is very flattering just like the incandescent they replace. This is the shortest version of the lumiline light bulbs, and these replace the 40-watt incandescent version. Make sure to save the end and take them off the old light bulb and put them on these new LED versions when installing them for replacement. We've tested the light and found it to be very close to the incandescent color, so much so that one could not tell the difference if they were installed in your existing light fixtures. These are NOT fluorescent bulbs; these are LED that replaces an incandescent light. If you're unsure whether these will work in your situation, you can always call or email us your question and any pictures that you may have of your existing installation. We can't underestimate to you how close these are to the original incandescent color. If nobody told you that you had switched to LED, you would not know. That's how close it is in its appearance. Of course, these are more expensive than the original lumiline was, but it is probably about the same price as what some people who have a few left have been charging now. This is also 50,000 hours, so once you put these and you probably will never change them again in your lifetime. So if you look at it as a way to prevent having to do a remodel or a re-fixture, then this becomes a lower cost option and still keep the integrity and the look that you had initially. This can be very important for the vintage type of furniture or fixtures that are in particular types of homes.

Product features & specifications:
- 6 watts.
- Replaces up 40-watt incandescent lumiline or lumiline II.
- 200 lumens.
- 120 volt.
- 50,000 hours.
- Non-dimming.
- Length of the 6 watts is 11 3/4 inches.
- White coated lamp.
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