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LED High Bay Retrofit Light Bulb - 60 Watt

Price Each: $103.95
Item Number: BLF217242
LED high bay retrofit light bulb with 60 watts for many types of warehouse or industrial lighting needs. Replaces a variety of metal halide and fluorescent lighting to save energy. The LED array distributes the light evenly in every direction while providing a certain amount of visual comfort, reducing glare. This LED lighting retrofit offers quality lighting for wide-ranging applications and delivers excellent energy savings compared to linear fluorescent and HID high bay fixtures. This is a simple way to retrofit any high bay light fixture where you want to do a simple bypass of the existing ballast and screw these in. Because of the way it's made, you're going to get light directionally down not in every direction and therefore wasting light. It's pointed in a downward direction which is where everybody wants the light in any facility or warehouse. This one will replace up to a 175-watt metal halide bulb, and that means it will probably be most often used in a storage warehouse or general work facility. It has a frosted lens so that you're not going to get the glare of these points of light, just a smooth even light that will go throughout the space. It does come with a five-year warranty, and so you're protected from any early failure, but you should expect many years of reliable service and excellent light output. All you have to do is bypass the existing ballast to the voltage that you have coming into the light fixture. The 5000K light color is perfect for most types of industrial facilities because it is a white light and people can read well by it, and people can see more easily things that are stored on racks. 

Product features:
- 60 watt.
- 6480 lumens.
- Mogul base.
- Replaces up to 250-watt metal halide.
- Dimension L = 9" x D = 6.7"
- Voltage: 120/277
- CRI: >80
- Color Temperature: 5000K
- Frosted lens.
- 50,000+ Hour Life Expectancy.
- UL listed.
- WG 5-year warranty.

General information.
At, we want to make it easy for you to get more efficient lighting thats going to perform well in whatever situation you use them in. This is one of the best ways to retrofit higher wattage light bulbs because the light output is greater with these than some of the small screw-in type of LED. These are most often used in light fixtures such as outdoor globes, street lighting, wall pack lights, anywhere theres a larger wattage youre trying to replace with LED. The light sources most often something like a metal halide or high-pressure sodium or possibly a CFL or even a high wattage incandescent. This is less of a LED retrofit kit as it is a screw-in bulb change. And for those of you who are going to be using these outdoors in an area that might be susceptible to water, we do have these in wet location versions. There are so many different light options for something you can be used in either a parking lot or postop lighting. This makes it easy to switch to LED and something thats very easy to install keeping your cost very low on your next lighting project. Not only will you get better light, but the energy savings in real dollars will be so good that you will get excellent paybacks, the time it takes to recoup your project cost through energy savings.

Saving money is nice.
And speaking of payback, theres never been a better time to take a look at retrofitting your existing lighting system and have it pay for itself in a brief period. We have many low-cost options with the excellent quality that can get you to that payback that youre looking for. If youre unsure about how much money youll save by retrofitting, then download our free Excel spreadsheet which is on the left-hand column of our website. This will tell you exactly how much you can expect to save if you can just put in a little bit of simple data to make that determination. Youll need things like the kilowatt cost, the wattage of your existing light fixtures and the quantity. Once you know that and how many hours a day its used, then you can compare it to one of our lighting retrofit kits, and you can see how much it will save and how fast it will pay for itself. If youre interested in saving energy in your outdoor lighting, you may want to consider what youre doing in your interior spaces. If your commercial building, many of you know that you can probably get a payback from anywhere from 1 to 3 years depending on utility rebates or just high kilowatt cost. Please keep in mind that we have a complete selection of interior light fixtures such as office lighting which includes recessed downlights, dimmable LED recessed lighting, ceiling lights, grid lighting and more. Perhaps you may want to consider having this being a part of a complete lighting project its going to save you a lot of energy now and in the future. But if your primary goal right now is to improve your outdoor lighting with LED while getting energy savings, we want to help you to that end.

Installation is easy.
When installing these types of higher wattage LED lamps, most of them require you to bypass any existing ballast that may be in the system. With high bay lighting, people often do this kind of ballast bypass, and it has to be done with everything in outdoor lighting as well. Theres only one way of getting around this that we have available, we do have some of the LED corn lights that can operate either in bypass ballast mode, or they can function adequately with an HID ballast. So it gives you complete flexibility if you dont want to change the ballast and want to screw in lamps. That labor savings can be helpful and you can always revisit the bypassing of the ballast later. So basically you can screw them in now, save your money on the labor to install them, then later when the ballast does go out you can rewire the fixture at that time. It gives people an option of not having to have a larger outlay for their initial switch to LED. If you have incandescent lamps right now going directly to voltage, you dont need to do any rewiring at all, all you need to do is screw in the bulbs although that doesnt happen as often in something like higher wattage situation. Most people switched HID a long time ago for the benefit of energy savings that way. Most of the time you will have to do a ballast bypass.

Good lighting matters.
Another approach to take into consideration when moving to more efficient LED lighting is the color temperature of the LED retrofit screw-in. Some people like a very bright white like a 5000K color and youll see that used many times in a lot of commercial and industrial buildings. Its also used a lot in outdoor lighting, and we have many types of screw-in retrofits there as well. For some people who are going to be retrofitting things like recessed lighting in some existing housing for a home, a lot of them prefer a warmer color light such as a 2700K color. Its very close to the color of incandescent lighting, often what people are replacing with this type of retrofit. When making this kind of decision to save energy, you also need to keep in mind that one of the goals of this type of upgrade is the quality of the lighting you have. Good lighting can make the difference between greater productivity in an office or manufacturing facility, or just making your home look better. Now you can finally get the energy savings you would like while still getting better lighting. As we often say, if you save all kinds of money on energy but have a poor lighting job, you havent saved anything. Thats especially true if its a commercial business or retail store, it can adversely affect sales and productivity. So this is an opportunity to get it done right the first time with correct light distribution, color and operation making sure you have a great product is going to serve you well for energy efficiency but then also for an excellent lighting effect.

Warranties protect your investment.
All of the LED retrofit lights that you see here come with a 5 to 7-year warranty depending on the manufacturer. This is going to protect you from early failure, and all you have to do is call us if something fails during that time. We keep good records of when people bought the product and whether they're still within the warranty period. We want to make sure that you're covered from what is a sizable investment primarily in the higher wattage versions of the screw in lamps. Theyre not inexpensive as a screw in bulb goes, but they will last a very long time, and we want to make sure that youre going to get good performance and the life that is expected of it over time.

How can we help you today?
Please call or email us if you have any questions regarding anything you see in regards to retrofit lighting kits. Weve seen many successful customers getting a considerable reduction in energy and having better lighting as a result. You can ask is any question you like about the components, about what youre thinking about doing or about the quantity price. Often people buy these in more massive quantities because its part of a more significant project and we want to make sure that we give you the best price possible that we can do. If youre unsure of how to apply this to your situation, you can always email us a picture or two of what you have and what youre trying to retrofit.
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