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LED Driverless Dusk to Dawn Barn Light Fixture - 70 Watt

Price Each: $169.50
Item Number: BLF216612
LED driverless dusk to dawn barn light fixtures with 70 watts replaces up to 200 watt HID sources used in agricultural buildings, outdoor security, and other large areas. It's energy-efficient only uses 70 watts and has a white light of 5000K. It's UL listed for wet locations, and it's made for a harsh environment, made to stand up to what the weather conditions are outside. The photocell is included and is a twist lock variety managing the dust to dawn operation. This will be a light that you won't have to maintain; it should give you many years of trouble-free service. It's rated for 100,000 hours, and that's longer than many different LED lights of this variety. For some people, this light could last for decades. This is a high-quality light fixture that is commercial grade and only consumes 70 watts. It's one of the lowest wattages is we have in this type of dusk to dawn light fixture. And for many nighttime uses, this will be plenty of light for the average user. You don't have to spend big dollars to get a lot of light, and this does provide up to a 200-watt metal halide replacement. Its white light will be excellent to determine the color or make images show up well on a security camera. It's perfect as a low-cost option to light something all night long with LED energy efficiency.
Product features & specifications:
- 70 watts.
- 120 / 277 volt.
- 7618 lumens.
- Driverless, NO driver for longer life.
- Dimension: 24(L) x 9.5(W) x 21 1/4(H)
- For barns, public entrances lot, security or other residential or commercial applications.
- 5000K white light.
- Twist lock dusk to dawn photocell.
- 100,000+ hours.
- UL listed for wet locations.
- Diecast aluminum housing.
- 80 CRI.
- Includes mounting arm.

General information.
At, we want to supply you with the best quality LED barn lights possible so that you can get good area lighting for your property. Of course, these are used on farms, but they can be installed on utility poles and all sorts of wall lighting. But the most common type of usage is a barn lighting situation. Homes and businesses like using this kind of light because it is useful in getting a 360 degrees spread throughout an entire area whether you have it mounted on a building or a high pole. Sometimes thats called post-mount lighting, and its convenient to get evenly spread over a wide area.

Saving money is a beautiful thing.
We get calls from a lot of farmers that have these over a barn entrance keeping the entire yard lit up at night. They often do that for security but also to be able to see any problems that may be happening with animals or wildlife. Its a form of outdoor lighting thats been used for many decades, and people like the way it turns on at dusk and shuts off at dawn without having to do any on or off switching. This will also save a lot of energy as opposed to a lot of HID lighting thats been used in the past. That could be anything from mercury vapor, metal halide or high-pressure sodium. It will replace those very well and use one-quarter of the total wattage that would be running throughout the night. Although nighttime lighting is less expensive, it still adds up, and you can figure out how much these LED lights will save you by downloading our free spreadsheet which is on the left-hand column of our website. Its an excellent way to see how much youll actually keep in real dollars and then what kind of payback time that you have on it. Weve also seen this used in smaller parking lots but it could be used on something more substantial especially with the higher wattage is that we have in some of these now. People also refer to this as gooseneck lighting as it comes out from the building with a supplied metallic arm.

More than just exterior lighting.
Even though these are called LED barn lights, other types of lights fall underneath this category of lighting. Thats a lot of our LED vapor proof lights that are used inside a barn. Theyre often used in the pendant lighting situation and referred to many times as LED pendants. They can be surface mounted as well, and it all depends on what kind of beams you have inside the barn itself. So keep in mind that you can put these up and replace older types of incandescent or HID lighting that you have and save a lot of energy. They have an instant on capability, so theres no warm-up time, and that can be critical when you have to handle larger animals in such places on a farm.

How can we help you today?
One of the things we always talk about is that if you save all the energy possible but have poor lighting, then you havent saved anything. That goes for something as simple as some outdoor lighting or something thats used in a barn application. Its important to get the right amount of light and well thought out so that you can get not only a good payback but to get excellent lighting as well. If youre unsure about how many light fixtures you might need for your situation, just let us know the space youre trying to light up, and we can help you with a sample layout of your area. Its very accurate, and it can tell you how many footcandles youre going to get at night and will correctly replace any existing HID or fluorescent lighting you may have. Call us or email us if you have any questions or if you need to send a picture of your area that youre trying to light correctly. Armed with that kind of information, we can help you discover what might be the best LED barn lights for your particular application and needs.
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