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LED Dual T8 Lamp Ready Strip Light Fixture - 3 Foot
LED T8 light bulb ready strip light fixtures is ready and wired for standard LED T8 lamps.

Price: $49.45
Item #: BLF371106

SATCO NUVO's dual T8 lamp ready strip light fixtures - 3 foot are the economical solution for upgrading traditional lighting to more efficient LED technology. These come with a traditional footprint, eliminating the need to make repairs or patch ceilings when retrofitting existing lighting. With their pre-wired tombstone sockets and multiple wiring knockouts located on the sides and back panels, new installations and retrofits will be effortless. A full suite of accessories are available including add-on reflectors, cambered protective cages and a suspension mounting kit.

Product features:
- Traditional footprint makes retrofitting a breeze
- Pre-wired Tombstone Sockets for effortless installations
- Multiple Knockouts for tandem installations
- Rugged Steel construction in a white finish
- Full suite of available accessories including: reflectors, protective cages, and suspension mounting kits
- Numerous applications such as Warehouse, Retail, Gymnasiums, Task lighting, and more
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