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LED Double Ended Light Bulbs - 6 Watt - 4000K
LED double end replacement light bulbs are designed to replace traditional double-ended incandescent or halogen bulbs.

Price: $20.54
Item #: BLF229110

LED double ended light bulbs - 6 watt - 4000K have a seemingly endless number of fixtures that they are used in including some we have featured on our site. The compact tubular size makes them ideal where maximum light control is needed. You'll often see LED double ended lamps used in portable flood lights, standard flood lights, torch lamps and many, many others. They come in a short and long version. 

Product features:
- Replaces 50 watt halogen.
- 6 watt.
- 4000K light color.
- 600 lumens.
- Dimmable.
- 15,000 hour life.
- 78mm length.
- 120 volt
- Ceramic end connections.
- 3 year warranty.
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