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Westgate LED Canopy Light Fixture - 80 Watt

LED 80 watt canopy light fixture
Price Each: $313.95

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Westgate LED canopy light fixture 80 watt for many types of security and general LED lighting needs. Ideal for indoor parking garages, commercial buildings, schools, gas stations, retail centers, apartment complexes. These are designed for 9 to 16-foot mounting heights, so something low to mid-range. The polycarbonate lens protects the high efficiency LED array and it helps distribute the light evenly in every direction while providing a certain amount of visual comfort, reducing glare. It is a low maintenance type of light where sometimes all you may have to do is to clean the outside surface. There are no bulbs to change and so you're going to get many years of reliable service and something that's going to provide excellent security for any area you use it in. This is the lowest wattage version of this low-profile LED canopy light fixture, but that doesn't mean it doesn't put out a lot of light. It's very effective for many areas where you need general security and you might have a lower ceiling to mount it on. It has a 70,000 hour rated life meaning it's going to give you many years of reliable service and light, but just in case it also has a five-year warranty against any early failure or defect. This will replace up to a 150 watt metal halide or high-pressure sodium light fixture and it will be much more trim and inobtrusive. It is wet location rated so you can have this exposed to the elements and not have any water getting inside. People often ask us when they turn on and LED like this, does it have to warm up? And the answer to that is no, they are instant full brightness immediately when you turn them on unlike the old compact fluorescent or HID lights. So not only do they save you energy and maintenance in the future, you can enjoy instant-on white light at full brightness whether you have these on a sensor or you just leave them on throughout the night. The installation is easy and many access points on this fixture for you to mount it. You also get a choice of color temperature from something that is a warmer all the way through a daylight white color. Most people prefer the 5000K light color because it produces natural outdoor lighting the way the sun does and people's eyes best respond to that. There are too many applications that this can be used in to mention, and even a few that we probably never thought of, they’re not just LED canopy fixtures! But no matter what you're going to use it for, you're going to get great light output with an easy to install light fixture that you'll never have to worry about again until it's at the end of its life.

Product features:
- 120 to 277 volt.
- 70,000+ hour rated life.
- 80 watts.
- 9400 lumens.
- Choice of 3000K, 4000K or 5000K light color.
- Dimension: 4" D x 14" W x 14" L
- Low profile dark-bronze housing.
- Wet location rated.
- Energy efficient for applications that are used frequently for long period of times.
- Easy Installation.
- Typical Mounting Height: 12 to 20 feet.
- Typical Spacing: 1 to 1.5 times the mounting height.
- Minimum starting temperature: -4F
- 5-year limited warranty.
- Die cast aluminum housing with decorative fins for heat dissipation.
- Durable polyester powder coat finish.
- Acrylic prismatic refractor lens.
- 1/2" threaded conduit entries on two sides.
- 3/4" threaded conduit top entry provided for pendant mounting.
- 7-year WG warranty.

These days you can have it all with the best LED lighting products that are available today. These canopy light fixtures are ideal for many types of lower areas outdoors but they could also be used indoors quite frequently. They would be a good choice for certain types of general lighting for interior spaces that have more of a commercial feel. If you’re unsure of how many you might need for your area that you’re trying to light, just let us know and we can do a layout for you that will tell you exactly how many you’ll need for certain footcandle level. That light level will be based on what you’re doing underneath it and what tasks are being done whether they are something that is for general purpose or something that is more fine. These are of a very tough light fixture and can stand up to all sorts of outdoor abuse whether it be sunlight, rain and protection from vandals. There’s complete flexibility of mounting with the available conduit entries that are a part of the light fixture. If you’re running a higher wattage HID light like metal halide, you will be able to save a lot of energy. If you want to know how much you’ll save based on your kilowatt cost and hours per day, we have a calculation spreadsheet that you can download on the left column of our website. You can see exactly how much you’ll save and how fast your payback will be by installing these new light fixtures. Keep in mind there may be some electric utility rebates as well that you can take advantage of that will also lower that payback time with some extra incentives. We work with many people who are doing those kind of energy-saving projects. If you have a larger quantity just let us know and we’ll work on the price for you. We are lighting experts and can help you get the best possible light for the least amount of investment.

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