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LED 8 Foot 4 Lamp Retrofit Lighting Kit

Price: $30.17
Item #: BLF24221

LED 8 foot 4 lamp retrofit lighting kit is a set of components that allow you to convert two lamp 8-foot fixtures to a four lamp LED configuration. This version is the hardware only WITHOUT the lamps; you get everything else for the retrofit. It saves energy by directly converting 8 foot T12 slimline lamps to leds. Here's what makes it so easy to use, it comes prewired, so there's no problematic rewiring to change to LED lamps. It's a great way to not only get away from eight-foot lamps, but you also get the ultimate in energy savings being able to convert to LED. It's powered from one end which is typical of LED lamps with an integral driver. Most of these lamps now come within the integral driver, and you don't have to worry about something that's external. Along with the energy savings are going to get a longer life when you change over to the LED lamps as well. Please keep in mind that this is only the retrofit kit that gives you the hardware to accommodate the lamps, this particular one does not include the bulbs. We do have this retrofit kit with the included LED bulbs as well and were happy to supply those in any color you may need. These LED 8 foot 4 lamp retrofit kit's will fit almost any existing eight-foot lighting fixture channel that you have now. It's made to be adjustable for nearly any width. It's the easiest way to retrofit to the most efficient lighting you can have today.

Product features & specifications:
- Prewired retrofit lighting kit.
- Brackets with sockets that convert slimline T12 to 4 lamps LED.
- Full light output.
- 120/277 volt.
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