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LED 2X2 Skybox Light Fixtures

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LED 2x2 Skybox light fixture brings depth that makes it look like a skylight shape you may be familiar with but more energy efficient than ever. The panel is designed for T-Bar recessed mounting with ballast box on the top side of the panel. These panels are an ideal choice for many applications including offices, circulation spaces, retail and now popular in residential kitchens remodeled to give a skylight appearance. It's hard to show you with a picture exactly how good this looks in a ceiling. It gives an extra dimension to the lighting that you have and to the ceiling itself. It's one of those ways to bring a certain level of distinctive style to an area rather than just a flat light fixture. It can make all the difference in something like a kitchen, and office or a retail space where you don't want things to look like everybody else. You also get this with a dimming capability so if you want to reduce energy through occupancy sensing or daylight harvesting, you can do that as well. Keep in mind that these light fixtures don't have any light bulbs, simply LEDs inside. So it's something that you're not going to have to maintain, you can simply install it and basically forget it except for cleaning the fixture once in a while. Cleaning light fixtures is something that isn't done very much by people, but it should be done because over time dust will accumulate and needs to be wiped off in order to get maximum light output once again. It's a simple thing but a lot of people neglect that in their everyday maintenance regard fewer of where they have these light fixtures. At a 50,000 hour rated life you're not going to have to change these out for many years to come and you're going to get reliable excellent light output for all that time. At only 40 watt you're also going to save a lot of energy and of course the replacement cost of no light bulbs, so payback is going to be very quick.

Product features:
- 40 watt LED.
- Choice of 3500K, 4000K or 5000K light color.
- 5000 lumens.
- 120-277 volt operation.
- Standard integrated driver.
- Fit's in standard drop ceiling grid.
- 50,000+ hours life.
- Opaque lens.
- Dimension: 23.7 x 23.7 x 4.2
- UL listed.
- 0-10V dimming interface.
- 5-year warranty.

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