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LED 2-Lamp Std Office Hanging Lights with Wire Guard - 5000K

Price Each: $137.58
Item Number: BLF133417
LED 2-Lamp industrial office hanging light with wire guard in 5000K light color is specially designed for LED lamps operating at 120 and 277 volt. These are used in all types of commercial lighted warehouse and industrial spaces. The wire guard will help prevent damage to the lamps for those areas that need more lighting protection. This comes with the LED lamps included, all you need to do is connect it to power. The reflector is white high reflective that will deliver excellent lighting in almost any type of situation you may have. When it comes to LED industrial lighting fixtures, this is probably the complete solution for many people who want to get a good combination of energy efficiency, rough service and that industrial look. It's used in many facilities where it's a possibility that these fixtures could get bumped. In that case the cage is going to protect the office hanging light from being damaged, particularly the light bulbs themselves. This particular fixture comes with two LED light bulbs included that operate off 120 or 277 volt, there is no ballast in these office hanging lights. All the electronics to operate the LEDs are within the tubes themselves. It does come with the wire guard that will prevent damage and it's easy to hope that on and you're all set. This is the 4 foot length that has a total of 36 watts used which will replace much higher wattage fluorescent or even lower wattage HID. This is the 5000K version which simulates outdoor noontime daylight. Many people prefer this because it produces light that brings about excellent color, better for people to see with and just a general feeling that is brighter and white. People will also say that this is a better reading light because of the contrast between dark and light that it does such a good job with. It's also called full spectrum lighting, and even though that term has been abused some, it is another way to describe this type of light that's really good for people to work under. And of course, we like this fixture because it can be used in rough environments, not just industrial areas which would be its primary use, it also places like locker rooms or storage areas where it could get knocked around on occasion. This is also made in the USA, so really proud to offer this product as well.

Product features:
- 36 watts.
- 4200 lumens.
- 5000K light color.
- Wire guard included.
- Includes (2) LED 18 watt lamps.
- Choice of light color.
- 4 foot length.
- White reflector.
- 120 / 277 volt universal voltage.
- Made in the USA.

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