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F40T12 Gold Fluorescent Light Bulb

F40T12 gold fluorescent light bulbs.
Price Each: $12.95

Item Number: BLF13247
F40T12 gold fluorescent light bulbs come in 48 inch length and a gold color for that special occasion or special lighting effect. It's 40 watt, so it will work in any 4 foot T12 light fixture. That's why these light bulbs been the choice of many commercial users using them in special places to highlight product or create attention. They're also used for special types of industrial lighting applications as well. Because these have a narrow band of the spectrum covered, those types of industrial uses make it easier to see defects or problems in a process or a product. Of course, these can be used for just an excellent source of gold are colored lighting if that's what you want. It operates on a magnetic ballasts typically because that's what they used for most T12 lamps. Although there are times when electronic ballasts were used. In either case the effect of the lighting will be the same. We also have these in the T8 fluorescent lamps if you have those in your newer light fixtures. Once again, the effect is the same regard fewer of whether it's a T12 or T8 but they are not interchangeable. If you have any questions about how to properly apply these or what fixtures you could use these in, please give us a call and we can help you determine that.

Product features:
- Same size as standard 48 inch F40T12.
- F40T12/gold straight T12 fluorescent tubes.
- 40 watts only.
- 48 inch.
- Gold.
- 20,000 hours average rating.
- Light bulb replacement parts.
- Operates on magnetic ballast.
- 1.5" inch bulb diameter.

This is a specialized type of light bulb which has many different and somewhat unusual applications. It’s not simply a color, but a certain nanometer range of light which is best for different types of industrial  needs. There are cases where it’s used where people need to find defects in metal or something like plate exposure, and probably a few more that we know nothing about. And even the word gold doesn’t accurately describe the color that you get which is more like an amber phosphor glow. The lamp itself is actually quite bright and these typically operate off magnetic ballasts because this is the older style of lighting that is often being replaced with more efficient sources. But if you still have these, we will have them into the future. If you’re looking to buy a larger quantity such as in case quantities of 30, please let us know and we can work on the price a little bit for you. We want you to be happy at and will deliver these quickly for your next round of replacements.
Item Number: BLF13247

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