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F40T12 Blue Fluorescent Light Bulbs

F40T12 blue fluorescent light bulbs create a rich blue effect.
Price Each: $10.95

Item Number: BLF13246
F40T12 blue fluorescent light bulbs are a standard T12 style that create a blazing blue color. These lamps are a 48 inch and they produce a lot of light and with a deep, blue color. These will work in almost any common T12 fixture, so no new ballast is necessary. That's why these bulbs been the choice of many commercial users using them in special places to highlight product or create attention. It's also a great choice for holiday or Christmas lighting. If you're trying to decide between this blue colored bulb and something like a colored tube guard, here's what you need to know. The tube guards are simply a lighter filter that goes over a white lamp and this blue fluorescent actually produces the light out of the phosphors. Producing from the phosphors creates a deeper and richer blue color over something like a tube guard. So if you want that better color presentation then you need to use this bulb instead. A filtered white light will not achieve the same richness of color of a lamp that is creating the color from the phosphor itself. This is a 1.5 inch diameter bulb but if you have the T8 fluorescent which is 1 inch diameter, then you need to use the T8 version. It's the same color effect, no different, it's just that it operates on electronic ballast instead of a magnetic one. Call us if you have any questions about which one you may have or which you can use in your fixture right now.

Product features:
- Same size as standard 48 inch T12.
- 40 watts only.
- 48 inch.
- Blue.
Item Number: BLF13246

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