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6x6 Recessed Flange LED Commercial Lights - Hard Ceiling - 2 Foot - 4000K
LED specialty light fixtures are designed to provide a light with unique color or shape.

Price: $255.52
Item #: BLF346748

LED 6x6 recessed flange lighting fixture - hard ceiling - 2 foot - 4000K will reduce glare for general and linear lighting situations. It's a good choice for creating lines of light down a hallway or in an office lighting environment. This is for pendant mounting, but we also have a surface mounted version. This is the 4-foot version and is rated for 15 watts making it a suitable replacement for existing fluorescent lighting systems. The louver blocks light at offending visual angles making it a comfortable light as well. It has a universal voltage of 120 / 277 volt which automatically senses the voltage you have and works correctly.

Product features:
- 12 watts.
- 1200 lumens.
- 4000K light color.
- 0-10 volt dimming.
- White finish.
- Dimension: 23.60L x 2.38W x 3.35H
- 120 / 277-volt universal voltage.
- 5-year warranty.
- Made in the USA.

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