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65BR30 Shatter Resistant Flood Light Bulbs

65BR30 shatter resistant flood light bulbs to prevent unwanted glass from getting everywhere.
Price Each: $7.95

Item Number: BLF10597

65BR30 shatter resistant flood light bulbs for areas where people are doing food handling of any kind and can't tolerate the breakage of the light bulbs spreading glass everywhere. These are the medium size flood that's most commonly used in recessed and track lighting. These have a coating which will encase the broken glass within it so it will be contained. This is especially beneficial for restaurants, hospitals or any other kind of food handling facility. These continue to be available and will be for the foreseeable future even though these are an incandescent type of light. It's a specialty light and therefore doesn't fall underneath some of the energy legislation that came out a few years ago. So you can enjoy the old-style incandescent light with this special coating that will prevent glass from flying everywhere if it breaks. These are also a good type of light to use for situations to prevent thermal shock such as water hitting the face of this bulb. With an uncoated bulb it could cause it to shatter, but this 65BR30 most likely won't shatter, but even if it did that envelope would contain all the glass inside. At a 65 watt rating it will provide adequate light levels and save you a little bit of energy. If you want to go to the next step for something that shatter resistant, we do have LED flood lights that would do a great job as well.

Product features:
- Especially useful in areas that handle food.
- 65 watts.
- 120 volts.
- Silicone coating.
Item Number: BLF10597

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The performance of the shatter resistant flood light.
(Unknown) 9/14/2007 8:42 PM
I found this shatter resistant flood light to have a rubbery feel or coating on it which seems to be the shatter resistant part. Although I haven't broken one yet, the coating seems to be thick enough to contain broekn glass. Works where the existing BR30's did. spacer
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