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6 Lamp T5 Fluorescent High Bay Light Fixture

T5 fluorescent high bay light fixture - 6 lamp
T5 fluorescent high bay light fixture - 6 lamp
Price Each: $252.11
Item Number: BLF10202
T5 high bay fluorescent light fixture is the perfect solution for greater energy savings and improved light output. It replaces HID lighting and qualifies for utility rebates in many parts of the US. The die-formed steel housing is standard with the exclusive white finish. Many building owners and managers have replaced fewer efficient sources while delivering an even, consistent light regard fewer of the lighting application. Many people intend on using this in a warehouse lighting situation down aisles and even for open spaces. You can improve the quality of light you have and have it be more consistent as well for production areas making them better to work in as well. Gymnasiums are natural for this kind of light but you might want to choose between either this 6 lamp version or something like an 8 lamp version that will give you more light for a situation like that. We can run a layout as to how many fixtures you might need and what the differences might be between the two. Because this does use T5 high-output lamps this may be sufficient for most applications and it's going to keep your costs down as well. There are many utility rebates available in many parts of the country and that will help bring the payback on something like this down from anywhere from 1 to 2 years. After that, you get the energy savings year after year while still getting an excellent lighting upgrade.

Product features & specifications:
- 120/277 volt.
- Electronic ballast.
- Dimension: 48 x 17 x 3
- Mirrored reflector with wide distribution.
- T5 configuration.
- Used in gyms, industrial and commercial lighting.
- Does not include lamps.
- Made in USA.

General information.
At, we offer the best commercial lighting solutions for large indoor spaces manufacturing, facilities, gymnasiums and much more. This type of high bay fluorescent fixtures will give you the required light levels you need for an industrial area. And because these warehouse lighting fixtures, you’re going to get the most lumens per watt which is a measure of energy efficiency. So not only can you get energy savings that will hit your bottom line, but you can also get excellent lighting for higher productivity in all types of industrial lighting situations.

Save money on your electric bill.
These have high-output T5 and T8 fluorescent light bulbs with excellent light quality, so it’s going to be an improvement over the older HID types of light system such as metal halide or high-pressure sodium. Sometimes those high-intensity discharge lamps can experience a color shift or be kind of a maintenance headache. And you can save a lot of money on your electric bill especially if you run a massive operation 24 hours a day. Even on smaller use facilities, it makes a lot of sense to replace the traditional HID lighting. How much can you save? Well, we have a free downloadable spreadsheet that you can input your existing system data compared to one of our new light fixtures, and you can see exactly how much you’ll save per fixture. You can put in the number of fixtures you would want and how many hours a day with the kilowatt cost, and it’s going to give you an accurate estimate. It’s on the left-hand column of our website, and it’s entirely free to do simple lighting saving calculations. Keep in mind that you can also get electric utility rebates when switching over to energy-efficient lighting. And it’s not just industrial electric or commercial types of applications; many retail stores are looking to do this as the paybacks are getting so good. In fact, on our spreadsheet, you’ll see a payback calculation, the time it takes to recoup the investment you made on new equipment.

Get better lighting too.
But it’s not just about energy efficiency; it’s also about getting a great lighting job while you’re saving and energy. We always say if you keep all the energy in the world, but the lighting doesn’t look right, you save nothing. In other words, what you gain in energy efficiency you may lose in things that are vital like productivity or increase sales. There’s better light control, higher light output and much lower maintenance cost which you can realize over the years. It’s true that almost any improvement you make in lighting will equate to higher productivity and a sense of a positive atmosphere. It makes a big difference and especially where you need good light to find defects in products, you’re trying to sell something, or you need to be able to read high up on a shelf. That’s why high bay fluorescent lights are an excellent choice for almost any one of these situations. Linear lights seem to work out very well for getting a good spread of light throughout an area.

How many will I need?
Customers will often ask us how many light fixtures they may need for a particular space they’re looking at. If you’re unsure how much you’ll need, you can always call or email us any of the details so we could do a layout for you at no charge when you purchase light fixtures from us. It’s the best way to know precisely how much light you’ll have after you do a lighting upgrade. It’s not just about lumens, but it’s about looking at the whole space that you’re trying to light. We need to know a lot of details such as the light fixture that you would like to use, the interior cavity of the room and what kind of reflectance is you might be having with certain types of paint or surfaces. From that we can generate a footcandle layout for you that’ll tell you exactly where you need to put each fixture and what kind of foot candle level you could expect underneath. It’s important to get the right amount of light for certain types of tasks. The Illuminating Engineering Society puts together recommended light levels in footcandles for almost any kind of work that may be done. When you follow those guidelines, it will give us the ability to get you the right kind of light that will optimize your work environment.

High bay and low bay differences.
At times people are confused between high bay/low bay types of lighting. Although both of these are very similar and are often mentioned in the same sentence, a high bay is considered a mounting above 20 feet, and the low bay would be regarded as for areas underneath that. The low bay light generally has more light spread, and that’s why it’s better at a lower height although it can be used higher as well. There are no hard and fast rules, and it depends on what your preference is. There may be times you need maximum light spread very high up if you’re trying to see item numbers that are up on the shelf. So these are some things to keep in mind when you’re thinking about a new lighting system.

How can we help you today?
If you have any questions about anything that you see in this category or anything else on our website, call us or email us with any of the details that we can help you with. You can also send us images if you want to help describe your situation so we can best help you discover what might work best for you we want the best lighting project that you can have while saving the most energy. There’s never been a better time to take a look at new lighting because of all the incentives that are available and the fast paybacks that you can also get. Let us help you today find out the best route to go for more efficient and better lighting in the future.

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