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50PAR20 Amber Halogen Flood Light Bulbs

Price Each: $11.10
Item Number: 118511

50PAR20 amber halogen flood light bulbs are now the latest in colored lamp technology. These lamps are a medium size flood, only 2.5 inches at the opening of the reflector, but they produce a lot of light and have great beam control. They're a flood beam with a 50-watt rating and a short neck. The amber color is rich and creates a deep coloring effect wherever they're used. That's why these have been the choice of many retailers using them in their stores to highlight product or create special attention.

Product features:
- 50 watts only.
- 2.5 inches across the face.
- Amber.

General information.
At, we carry a large number of different kinds of colored light bulbs in various configurations. There's almost any variety for whatever special occasion that you may have or a display. The 50PAR20 colored halogen light bulbs are probably one of the most popular because they fit into a regular household socket and can be used in downlighting or larger track lighting and halogen is dimmable. The low cost also makes them easy to use once in a while and then put them back into storage. It's a great way to brighten up any occasion with a colored beam of light. They are incandescent light bulbs with special treatment to get higher light output for the same watts.

Some colored energy efficient LED.
We have one of the widest selections of colored lighting products, and these bulbs represent almost every different type of light fixture. No, you won’t find any soft white or warm white here, it’s all just very vibrant color to make a difference in whatever situation you may be trying to light. Of course, we have the familiar red, green and blue but we also have amber, orange, and pinks. With any of these common primary colors, you can get almost any color you like for the effect that you're lighting. In many ways, those give out a more vibrant light because there’s a higher light output typically with those and it’s energy saving. Another thing you don’t have to worry about with a LED bulbs is the heat. Some people bring these out only for holiday purposes and leave them in storage for the rest of the year. Typically these are NOT dimmable LED lamps.

Thinking beyond parties.
And then there are a few of you out there who use them all the time in whatever application you may have. Although we talk about party lighting or display lighting, there are other types of applications such as commercial businesses, retail lighting that can use this effectively to draw attention to whatever it is your lighting. Sometimes you’ll see the outside of a business emphasizing a specific accent lighting color, and it does draw attention more, so people will see more product details close up. It may be something you want to consider if you’re trying to attract more attention to your business and draw people in. There’s nothing like colored light to draw our eyes to an area, and it raises a certain level of curiosity as to why it’s lit like that. Whatever it takes to bring in more customers, that might be something to consider. Now for those of you who want to use colored light everywhere, it could look a little gaudy, so you want to be careful and not to overuse it. When you emphasize everything with colored light then really nothing is highlighted. Retail stores can take advantage of this concept of drawing attention to a particular area. This is a technique that’s been used for decades, and it does get people moving around the store if you can use color effectively. It just gives you more exposure to the customer and helps them find things they didn’t know you had.

Restaurants, wedding, parties, and bars.
Pink is one of those popular colors that used in a lot of different situations, and we’ve seen everything from restaurants and weddings and more. Bars and restaurants are one of those applications where people often use a pink colored light because they want people to look better under that light. The pink you give us all a better skin tone, and that’s why it’s been used for so many years in a restaurant situation. For home users, there are no limits as to what you can use them for. You’re not going to use these in the living room or someplace that you’re using regular white light. But there may be some creative ways to use colored lighting to make things look a little bit warmer such as in the pink lighting we talked about just a moment ago. All of these halogen bulbs have several different bases including the regular fluorescent bi-pin base and also the E26 base or medium household base that most people are used to.

Think about what you’re lighting.
There is something else to keep in mind when you’re using any colored lighting; you need to be mindful of what kind of colors you may have in the room to start with. Because colored light interacts very closely with all sorts of different colors, you may have as paint, fabrics or other types of interior furniture. It was said long ago that color is how you light it, and that’s never been more accurate. You can make something look completely different if it’s colored by a light. So almost any way that you light an object, that will reflect the color of the light more than anything else probably. And that may be the way you want it, so don’t be shy about using colored lighting, know that it changes everything in that interior space. It can be so easy to put in colored light and say wow everything looks great but does it? It’s essential to have a critical eye when trying to make something look good without overdoing it. For things like a party, you may want to go over the top especially if you’re talking about something like a sports party or something around Christmas. In those situations, people can be as outlandish as they want. But if you’re trying to do something a little more subtle such as in a retail location where you want to light the display properly, it might be better to subtly light along with some bright white light. That will give it just a hint of light color enough to draw attention but not missed color the product and then when people get it home they say it doesn’t look the same. That would be particularly true about clothing, most of the time it would not be an excellent way to draw attention to something like that because it’s going to look different. A lot of people that buy these 50PAR20 colored floods from us often will buy a small sampling to make sure that it’s going to be right before they go completely into a complete change out. It’s always good to sample lighting; you need to know what something is going to look like before you make an investment that is much larger. That’s going to save you money, and we think it’s a good idea to take a look at something closely before you ever dive in. The truth is different manufacturers often have a different coating which can make the light color from one to another very different, even if it’s the same color technically. So consistency is essential when it comes to color and ordering the same bulb from us in the correct quantity would be helpful to that end.

How can we help you today?
If you're a commercial user of these and you use them for a larger client as part of a special promotion or display, just let us know if you need special pricing on multiple case quantities of these incandescent bulbs. We are very competitive with these and can get you the quantities you need because all of them are in stock. Free shipping applies on multiple cases so just let us know. If you have a question as to how best to use a specific color to your situation, give us a call or email us and will help you figure it out. Color is always important in any lighting situation. But the bottom line for anyone wanting to use this type of lighting is to think about what the effect is and what the goal is in using it.
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