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50 Watt Halogen PAR20 Narrow Spot Light Bulbs

50 watt halogen PAR20 narrow spot light bulbs.
Price Each: $6.95

Item Number: BLF13536
50 watt halogen PAR20 narrow flood light bulbs have a rating of 50 watts and are the typical use item for most PAR20 applications. They emit a very white light and saves energy compared to old standard incandescent flood lights. These lamps are very small, only 2.5 inches at the opening of the reflector, but they produce a beam spread of 10 degrees, which is also called a narrow spot or NSP. That's why they been the choice of many retailers using them in their stores to highlight product in lower ceiling and track because of the small size.

Product features:

- 50 watts.
- Sylvania 14500.
- PAR20 shape.
- 550 lumens.
- 2500 hour rated life.
- 2.5 inches across the face.
- Length 3.125 inches.
- Narrow spot (NSP).
- 120 volt.
Item Number: BLF13536

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