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400 Watt Metal Halide Ballast Kit - Five Tap

400 watt metal halide ballast kits for a complete replacement or retrofit.
Price Each: $75.25

Item Number: BLF14432
400 watt metal halide ballast kits to replace existing core and coil ballasts for this popular lamp. These are for MH400 lamps and have everything you need to replace your ballast. This particular ballast kit covers all the different possibilities that you could have for any kind of voltage. This includes the higher voltages of 277 and 480 that are used mostly in situations such as industrial plants and facilities. You just need to tap it correctly when you get the ballast and most of the time it comes in by default at 277 volt but your electrician needs to check that and make sure that is correct before you make a connection. What makes this nice for most facility managers is that you only need one type of ballast for several different voltages that some facilities do have. It's a complete set of components including mounting hardware that makes it easier to replace your existing ballast and get your system up and running again. You have everything in this kit including all the hardware, the core and coil and the other components. Once you replace this, it will be like having a new light fixture all over again. Your light output will return to normal and it's often good to replace the lamp at the same time. Sometimes people do a group replacement to save on product cost and maintenance costs of course. When working with this potentially higher voltage, you really need a licensed electrician to properly do it and have it be completely safe. It's not something you should do yourself. If you have older light fixtures, like anything 10 years or older, that it might make sense to actually change the light fixtures out completely to something like LED. But if you have something that's fairly new, changing the ballast is still good way to go. The enemy of almost any electrical component is heat, and that's no different for a ballast. These do deteriorate over time and heat is the common enemy. If you're unsure whether you have this wattage or another one, call us and we can help you figure that out. Keep in mind that metal halide ballast kits are not interchangeable with different wattages. You have to have one wattage with one ballast type that are mated to each other.

Product features:
- Multi-tap 120, 208, 240, 277, 480 volt.
- For standard 400 watt metal halide lamps.
- All the components you need to replace existing ballasts.
Item Number: BLF14432

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