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40 Watt Fly Zapper Flowtron Replacement Light Bulbs

Price Each: $15.50
Item Number: 228391

40 watt mosquito zapper flowtron replacement light bulbs have an unusual u-shape with 4 pins at the base of the lamp, a special phosphor and it attracts insects. Some of the fixture types that use these bulbs include mosquito control, hanging lights and yard lighting. These have a color which is called 350 black light but is actually a light purple color. The bulb itself does not actually kill insects, but it attracts them so that the actual light fixture will kill the insect. Its a form of ultraviolet light that we know as 350 black light, and it peaks at the 350-nanometer range of the spectrum. It looks like a white light when its unlit, but then a changes its characteristic color to this lighter purple. One could say that its energy-efficient but its not what its prime purpose is. It can be used indoors and outdoors and in fact, many types of industrial facilities will have this along with the wall and it will be made to attract insects there too. Its a form of pest control that doesnt have any type of ill effects and it makes sense for a lot of different applications where you just want to get rid of too many flying insects in the area. Sometimes people call this a mosquito killer as well and it could be that too amongst many other types of pesky insects. Click here for video overview (opens in a new tab).

Product features:
- 40 watt.
- Blacklight 350 color, light purple.
- 8 watt 5 3/4" long.
- 12 watt 6 3/8" long.
- 15 watt 7 3/4" long.
- 18 watt 8 7/8" long.
- 25 watt 9 1/2" long.
- 40 watt 12 5/16" long.
- 50 watt 14 1/2" long.
General information.
At, we want to supply you with the best possible mosquito zapper bulb on the market and this will fit many types of zapping units. Theres really no standard for what type of lamp any of these would use, but this is a very common one for smaller mosquito zappers. The bottom line is that its made to attract and kill insects that you dont want flying around and its a very effective method. A lot of people will also call it a UV light and it has some characteristics of that, but we most often just call it a black light. This is a fluorescent bulb only, not an LED light or an LED bulb, so its going to have a ballast and it generally comes on with a little bit of a flicker. Even though there many industrial uses for this color phosphor, this lamp is specifically made for a insect light fixture because of its small size and u-shape glass. We sell these as replacements only, we dont carry any of the actual fixtures that would house these. There are many retail stores that carry this type of light fixture and probably at an imported rock-bottom price. But we do have these replacements which sometimes people have had a hard time getting.

The identification.
One of the things to look for in identifying the bulb you have is to what it says on the side of the bulb. It will usually say something like FUL with a corresponding number after it. That number tells you what wattage it actually is and the FUL is the type of bulb that it is. Its really a compact fluorescent light pure and simple and so its going to have a very good light output and thats going to be really important when you would want to attract the maximum amount of insects to the unit. The more you attract, the more comfortable your outdoor situation is. This is especially important for people who live in the southern United States as they get a lot more insects in the evening and controlling those in order to have a decent outdoor experience is important. Although that may be the case, just about anywhere could use some good pest control and this is the right thing to do if you want to keep your guests comfortable. With more and more people living outdoors and doing more activities its important to keep it operating properly. So we have several wattages and those wattages correspond to the length of the tube itself. And keep in mind that these arent interchangeable from one wattage to another. They were never meant to be that way and they have a ballast that operates one single watt rating at a time. Once again, its not interchangeable so you need to identify the one that you have, the wattage that it is. Sometimes people use these in apartment complexes or condominiums where you have a lot of people going in and out of buildings and then theres also those opportunistic places that insects like to hang out. Its best to hang your existing insect light close to those areas where youre having a problem. To install the new bulb, all you need to do is just pull the other one straight out and then the other one straight in. There is no twisting or turning thats needed, just a simple straight in for pin socket. These are easy to replace the only thing that matters is just getting it right when you order. Weve had a lot of people that were unsure about what they had and we help them by taking a look at how long it is and any other identifying marks that they may have on the bulb itself. We know that this kind of bulb often doesnt have any kind of identifying marks. Usually, it came with the unit itself and it was imported and a lot of times they never put on any marks that you could make sure you had the wattage right. One of the other things you can do to make sure that thats correct is to look at the ballast. Theres often a ballast cover or something that you need to unscrew to take a look at what the ballast says on it. It will give you a lot of good information as to what wattage and voltage it needs in order to operate. Thats probably the surest way to make sure you get the right one other than something as simple as its length and the base which has four pins.

How can we help you today?
There are times when replacing the bulb would seem to almost cost as much is getting a whole new mosquito zapper unit. If thats the case, it makes sense to sometimes buy a whole new fixture if the one you have is pretty old and is getting pretty beat up. That way you can make sure that youve optimized everything you can to attract all different kinds of insects. But when you replace the old bulb if its completely dead, then its just a simple replacement but there may be something else too. Sometimes an old bulb can last much longer than its effective life. The effective life would be that period of time in which it actually does its best as far as light output and their depreciation. Newer bulbs put out more light and that would be more effective for attracting insects. So there are times when you should just replace the really old bulb thats working just fine because its really not working okay. Its probably not attracting all that it could so thats something a new light bulb could do for you in that type of a situation. It should be a very bright purple, even though its a light purple, but it shouldnt be something so dim that its lost 70 percent of its light output. If it has then you really need to replace it even if it still lights. And we're not trying to sell more bulbs to you, we're just telling you that its effective use is probably gone if its become very dim. The insects like it nice and bright and thats what you want to provide in order to get rid of them. If youre unsure as to what you have you can always call or email us and you can even text us now with your questions. One of the things that many people do is send us a picture of what they have and that will help us identify exactly the right one for their unit. Were usually right about 95 percent of the time, there are situations where something will look correct but the wattage may be wrong but that is rare. If youre looking for a quantity of these for a commercial building if you have a lot of units then call us for special pricing and will be able to help you with that. We want you to kill as many insects as possible and we believe that we have really great products to help you do that on a replacement basis.
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