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35 Watt Linestra Light Bulbs

35 watt Linestra light bulbs with a small size and side prongs.
35 watt Linestra light bulbs with a small size and side prongs.
Price Each: Discontinued see our 4 watt LED replacement BLF30715
Item Number: BLF10989
35-watt Linestra light bulbs are the short linear incandescent light with a double prong base for a connection. It has two side prongs which go into a special socket that makes firm contact. The light they produce is very flattering to skin tones, and that's why they're often specified for bathrooms in homes and commercial buildings. These bulbs are rated for only 1500 hours average rated life, so when you're not using them, it's best to keep them shut off for a longer usable life. This 35-watt version is the lowest wattage you can get in this type of lamp and also the shortest among the family of linestra lights. Even though these are shorter than another wattage, they have the same great light that people find so pleasing. For those of you who want more significant energy savings, we do have an LED version of this lamp that has a much longer life and has the same lighting effect, very flattering and understated. Please understand that this incandescent 35 watt is no longer being made, but we still have some of them available in stock. When those run out, then we will have no more, and then you will have to move to LED. But it's no sacrifice as the LED is not much more expensive and you get 50,000 hours rated life instead of about 1000 hours in this incandescent version.

Product features & specifications:
- A flattering light for bathroom lighting.
- Dimmable like an incandescent lamp.
- 230 lumens.
- 120-volt standard.
- An excellent choice for bathrooms and some task lighting.
Some basic information.
This lamp is a linear form of light that most people like for bathroom or vanity lighting. It’s usually mounted on either side of a mirror giving an excellent source of sidelight which eliminates shadows. It’s a beautiful even light that you’re going to get for a space that often had lights overhead which would create shadows while maintaining a consistent lumen output. With this type of lighting you don’t have that, just a clean linear source of light that is very pleasing to the eye and very good with skin tones. The linear incandescent versions are no longer made as stated before, but the LED linestra will do an excellent job of giving the same color of light while still improving the actual light levels. The new LEDs are generally brighter, but if you didn’t tell anybody that these were LED, they would never know. Bathroom lighting has changed a lot, and people are moving away from overhead lighting because it doesn’t do an excellent job as a mirror or vanity. And people don’t want to change to a fluorescent light which often gives off a stark appearance. So this is a natural choice for mirror lighting in a home or an upscale public bathroom and locker rooms.

We have linestra light fixtures too.
Not only do we have these linestra light bulbs but we also have the light fixtures that these are used in. They come in a variety of finishes, and they are easy to mount and install in an existing bathroom, or they could be used in the new construction application. These are architectural grade light fixtures, not some cheap strip light fixtures that you might find in a big box store. They are made for excellent performance and a great look that is very aesthetically pleasing for the lot of bathrooms, soffit lighting or certain kinds of general lighting. There’s never been a better time to take a look at this energy-saving light to replace those old incandescent lamps that you have. They’re very reasonably priced as well while still offering a much higher life anywhere from 25,000 to 50,000 hour rated life.

Product features:
- A flattering light for flesh tones.
- Dimmable like any incandescent light bulb.
- 120-volt standard.
- 150 watt = 39 3/8 inches replaced with 10 watt LED.
- 60 watt = 19 2/3 inches replaced with 6 watt LED.
- 35 watt = 11 3/4 inches replaced with 4 watt LED.

How can we help you today?
If you have any questions as to which one you have, we can help you with that. Please call, email or text us the information that you have or you could send a picture, and we can identify your bulb from that. These can be a little difficult to identify for people that don’t replace them often or are unsure of what they can use in the LED. We have a lot of experience with this type of linestra lamp and light fixtures, and we can help you not only save energy but get the best possible lighting for your situation.

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