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277 Volt Incandescent Light Bulbs

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277 volt incandescent light bulbs mean you can use these in a 277 volt circuit to get the light you need whether it be in a home or an industrial application. Many times people want to have the look of a regular light bulb but in a 277 volt version. These are only available in frosted finish. These bulbs have a rated life of 2000 hours, so they should last for some time in almost any lighting application. This higher voltage bulb is often used in industrial facilities because of circuits that were wired for this voltage and never stepped down to a 120 volt. Although this can be a little unusual, you do see situations where there might be bare bulbs or sometimes down lights that need to have a bulb rated at this higher voltage. 277 volt is very common for commercial properties, but if you're unsure of what you have its best to give an electrician to verify before you start plugging in the wrong type of light bulb. Not only does this have the correct voltage for those of you who need it, it comes in several wattages so you do have some choices for light output if you're still using this incandescent type of light. The medium base is the exact same thing as a regular household light bulb base, so these can be screwed into almost any fixture that you may have. If you were to put these into a standard 120 volt socket all you would see is a glow as the filament is not being driven to its proper rating.

Product features:
- 277 volt.
- Medium base.
- Choice of wattage.

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