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175 Watt Red Heat Lamps

Price Each: $18.87
Item Number: BLF20897
175 watt red heat lamps are used to keep food warm over a short period of time and is also used in some agricultural lighting. They're most commonly seen in restaurants where keeping the food at a proper serving temperature is important. The red color is often desirable, but the clear will do the same effective job. There's a standard medium household base so it can go into almost any fixture that is designed specifically for heat lamps.

Product features:

- Red.
- 175 watt.
- 4.75 inch BR38 reflector.
- Brass base.
- Used in restaurants and food service.

General information.
When most people think of heat lamps, they the red ones that you see pictured here used in restaurants. And most of the time that would be the most pervasive way that these are used in the sight of the general public. But these also have a use for certain types of agricultural applications such as in the case of raising animals. There are occasions when people use these to warm an area up such as in barn but particularly for chickens and brooders. This is a widespread application and is often used with clear heat lamps, not necessarily the red ones. The red ones not only have the heat that is associated with them but is also for an aesthetic appearance when used in restaurants.

Make sure your light fixture can use these.
These are not energy-efficient lamps, these are made to get the maximum amount of heat from an incandescent lighting source which is substantial. Most of the energy in any kind of incandescent light comes out in the form of heat regardless of what kind of light source it is. But in this case, this is specifically made for heat lighting applications, keeping things warm and at a constant temperature. If you’ll notice in restaurants the heat lamps are kept very close to the food as the effective range of these is relatively short. If you mount them too far away from whatever you’re trying to heat, it’s not going to do the job. You have to have it mounted reasonably close when you’re talking about wattages like this that are still relatively low. These come in various wattages some on the lower end at 125 watts and then those that are on the higher end of the range which is 375 watt. The only thing you need to make sure is that the light fixture that you’re using these in is made for heat lamps or rated for very high heat. Not every regular light fixture can accept this type of light because the heat is so high. It can burn up some of the inner workings of a regular light fixture, that’s why you need to make sure that you have a light fixture that is rated for heat lamps. It’s a safety concern, and so you need to make sure that it’s the correct type. And of course, these are often used in hotel bathrooms offering it timed heat that many people may be familiar with. These are most often the transparent type, not the red. It comes down to aesthetics that most people don’t like the look of red color in a bathroom when they’re trying to do other things, but they would still like to stay warm. It’s a very effective way to keep the chill off when stepping out of the shower.

Quality matters.
As stated before, heat lamps are an incandescent heat source that takes advantage of the inefficiencies of incandescent lighting. Because most of the power is used up in heat, it’s perfect for almost any type of application where you need a localized heating source. These are not energy-efficient, but they’re not made for that, and there’s no way to get something that’s more energy-efficient while still giving out enough heat in lighting. If you need something that has more heat, then you need to be looking at different types of heating elements or equipment that utilizes something like that. So these are very popular for commercial buildings where they are used outside showers, but that could be for a home as well. Once again, make sure that the label on the inside of the down like that you have is rated for heat lamps. If you are a commercial user and you use a lot of these, make sure you call us for quantity pricing, and we can help you with that. We have generous discounts for people that order multiple case quantities at a time and can even do free shipping depending on the volume. We can ship them anywhere and can have consistent pricing for you over some different locations that you may serve. We want to make sure you get a very high-quality bulb in this type of light because the construction does make a difference. Because of all the heat that’s involved, you have to make sure that the filaments are right, the glue that holds the base on is made for high temperature and typically something like a brass base. If you have something that lacks any of those quality characteristics, you could be looking at things like early life failure or the lamp seizing up in the socket, or the actual screw in part disconnecting from the bulb. Never change these with bare hands. It seems to be an obvious thing to say but these get very hot, and you would never change them while they’re hot. Make sure you turn them off and then wait for them to cool down. They’re even more heated than a regular type of incandescent that you may have changed in the past and so it’s a matter of safety and being prudent.

Maybe the shatterproof version.
This is a very specialized type of lighting application and one that needs to be utilized with some caution. Because the heat can get very high, there is always a specific danger that you could have it too close to anything that is combustible. It’s critical that you don’t do that and follow all safety recommendations regarding this lamp whether it is the red or clear version. If you’re concerned about any of this breaking in your application, then it’s best to use the shatterproof version. This prevents the glass from going everywhere if it breaks. This is especially important in food applications such as restaurants or any other type of facility where that glass breakage could not be tolerated. It can cost a lot to have to clean up after some damage. One of the things that are important to note is that any hot incandescent lamp can suffer from thermal shock and break such as in the case of some water splashing on it. This is a common thing and can happen very quickly causing the lamp to break and the glass to go in every direction. By having a shatterproof coating, all the glass is contained within the envelope of the coating itself. You won’t ever have to worry about that if you use this version of the heat lamp. Once again, this can be very important for areas and was thinking mainly about restaurants where these are often somewhere close to food when it’s on a rail or a service line. It’s all a matter of safety, and in that type of application, it makes the most sense although not everybody uses it like that. It is more money, but it’s one of the cheapest forms of insurance that you can get when you’re talking about protecting customers, employees or anyone close to these very hot lamps.

How can we help you today?
If you have any questions about this or anything else you see on our website, make sure to call or email us with those questions. We’re here to help you correctly apply light so that it works optimally for your situation. Heat lamps are just one of those areas that we have a lot of experience with. We know some of the things to look out for and what you can and can’t use these in. If you’re unsure of the light fixtures, you have as to whether it will operate this type of lamp, make sure to call us and we can help you clarify that. It’s usually pretty easy to determine that, and we want to make sure that you’re going to be safe when using something like this that can cause injury if you’re not careful with it. And as mentioned before, if you use a mass quantity of these, multiple cases at a time, we can help you with the pricing, and we want to make sure that you’re getting the best deal possible for your operation whether that’s a restaurant or a chicken coop or merely a bathroom.
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