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12 Volt Bulbs

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12 volt bulbs are an incandescent source and are the same size as regular household bulbs. This means you can use these in a 12-volt circuit to get the light you need whether it be holiday lighting or RV or marine application. Many times people want to have the look of a regular light bulb but in a 12-volt version. It's a classic look that is still the most popular light bulb style ever invented. When running low voltage lighting, people are usually trying to power exterior light fixtures and avoid the hassle of 120-volt power. With 12 volt bulbs, they can have all those benefits of good lighting and still use this type of A19 lamp. These have a standard household light bulb base, and they can be used in nearly any fixture as long as it has a 12 V rating. If you happen to screw these into a 120 V socket, they will flesh out in a second, and you'll have a dead bulb. So you don't want to do that and make sure that you have the correct voltage feeding that light. You do get a choice of watts, and that includes everything from a 25 watt up to 100 watts. These are rated for 2000 hours, and so you're going to get a decent life at a low cost, and it will do the job for nearly any primary lighting application.

Product features:
- 12 volt bulbs.
- Medium household base.
- Choice of wattage.
- Low voltage rating.
- Frosted finish.

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