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Wet Location Emergency Light

Wet location emergency light
Wet location emergency light
Price: $261.12
Wet location emergency light fixture has low profile design and is easy to install. It is completely self contained and fully automatic. This unit can be washed down and is perfect for food preparation facilities. This will work in all sorts of facilities that require washing down of all areas to keep a building USD approved. This light will provide the proper amount of light to show the way out in an emergency.

Product features:
- Completely self-contained.
- Fully automatic operation.
- Compact, low profile design in a white finish.
- Push to test switch.
- Resistant to corrosive environments.
- 6 volt maintenance-free battery.
- Solid state charger.
- Universal transformer for 120 or 277 VAC.
- 12 watt lamps.
- 90 minute operation.
Item Number: BLF11542

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