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Vapor Proof High Bay Light Fixture

Vapor proof high bay light fixture for tough industrial lighting.
Vapor proof high bay light fixture for tough industrial lighting.
Price: From $239.95 to $289.95

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Vapor proof high bay light fixtures are engineered for performance down to the smallest detail. It is fully gasketed to provide total protection from dust and moisture penetration. It withstands corrosion, splashing water, hose-directed water, damage from external ice formation, and temporary submersion. This rugged fixture operates four or six T5 or T8 lamps and comes with an electronic ballast.

Product features:
- One piece upper body; no seams to crack, break, or leak.
- Dimension: L = 52" W = 14.6" D = 6"
- Glass fiber reinforced fiberglass is rugged and corrosion resistant.
- 5VA Flammability Rating.
- Stainless steel hardware for maximum durability.
- Twelve latches for positive lens retention.
- White polyethylene molded end plugs for use as knock outs.
- High gloss, baked enamel reflective front.
- Closed cell polyester gasket
- Poured gasket seamlessly fills channel for maximum seal.
- Gasket has dry skin that will not stick to the mating surface.
- High gasket compression recovery ensures a solid seal over life of the fixture.
- Injection molded for maximum strength and precise detail.
- Frosted ends and lineal prisms on sides reduce brightness.
- Continuous formed perimeter provides for positive seal.
- UV stabilized polycarbonate lens.

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