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Urban Oasis Pendant Light Fixture

Price: $419.91
Item Number: BLF11082
Urban Oasis pendant light fixture has a unique style incorporating metal, paper and light. The diffuser is a beige artisan paper which is backlit by three 100 watt incandescent light bulbs. You may want to consider using full spectrum bulbs to whiten the effect if you prefer. If energy saving is important, use compact fluorescent bulbs which will give both the color and the electrical savings. This pendant light will give you years of wonderful compliments and a welcoming accent to your home.

Product features:
- Voltage: 120 Volt
- Bulbs: 3 - 100 watt incandescent bulbs.
- Dimensions: W = 21.5" H = 28.5" Overall Height = 78.5"
- Finish: Bronze luster
- Urban Oasis flush mount light is great for an elegant accent.

Urban Oasis pendant light fixtures.

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