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U-Shaped Fluorescent Light Bulbs

U-shaped fluorescent light bulbs are used many times in 2x2 fixtures where space is a consideration. There are several different types and colors to choose from including full spectrum color which is like outdoor daylight. These u-shapes are very energy efficient and often run on instant start electronic ballasts. The spacing between the ends of the tubes can vary depending on the design.
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Sylvania FBO16T8 u-bent fluorescent light bulbs
FBO16T8 Fluorescent Light Bulbs
Price: $22.11
FBO16T8 Fluorescent Light Bulbs
Sylvania FBO16T8 fluorescent light bulbs are an exclusive product using 16 watts and come in a variety of color choices including all the way up to the very white 4100K color.
FBO24T8 fluorescent light bulbs in an energy efficient u-bent shape.
FBO24T8 Fluorescent Light Bulbs
Price: $22.11
FBO24T8 Fluorescent Light Bulbs
FBO24T8 fluorescent light bulbs continue to be used in many fixtures. Sylvania developed these for energy efficiency and for a compact size that would work in many places where other types of fluorescent lights wouldn't.
Fluorescent u-bend bipin sockets FE1650-SW
Fluorescent U-Bend Bipin Sockets FE1650-SW
Price: $2.78
Fluorescent U-Bend Bipin Sockets FE1650-SW
Fluorescent bipin sockets are made specifically to fluorescent tubes that are u-bend T12, T8 in their various wattage. A slide makes them easy to install and perfect for u-shape bulbs. spacer
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