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Tubular Metal Halide T6 Light Bulbs

Tubular metal halide T6 light bulbs with 2 posts for small fixtures.
Price: $64.03

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Tubular metal halide T6 light bulbs are usually a replacement lamp as the socket must will only allow using these. They are a true HID lamp and will give off a lot of light and provide the most optical control in an asymmetric reflector system. Excellent for retail situations or anywhere you want a whiter light consuming far less energy. Because of the compact size, they were often incorporated into smaller light fixtures that provided light control for building or sign lighting. Although most people think of a metal halide as a large mogul base lamp, it doesn't have to be and this product shows how versatile the light source can be. It opens up a wide variety of lighting applications that need pure white light in a smaller space or area.

Product features:

- 39, 70 or 150 watts.
- Up to 12,000 hours rated average life.
- G12 base.
- 4200K color.
- Dual post base.

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