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Tubular Metal Halide Light Bulbs

Tubular metal halide lamps with a double end ceramic base.
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Tubular metal halide lamps are usually a replacement lamp as the socket must will only allow using these. They are a true HID lamp and will give off a lot of light and provide the most optical control in an asymmetric reflector system. These would be a good choice for many kinds of retail situations or anywhere you want a whiter light consuming far less energy. It's the shape that makes it such a flexible lamp to do everything from facade lighting, but also lighting up horizontal surfaces such as wide ceilings. Sometimes there is no other way to get light out over a large expansive area without the distraction with some bulky light fixtures. With the right kind of light, these lamps provide the ultimate light control to throw light out over an area.

Product features:

- 70, 150 or 250 watts.
- Up to 12,000 hours rated average life.
- Double ended ceramic base.
- 3000K or 4000K color choice.

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