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Traffic Signal Light Bulbs

Price: $3.76
Traffic signal light bulbs have been obviously used in lights on the roadway, but they have many other uses as well with their long life and ability to stand up to vibration. Building owners know that changing a bulb less often means greater savings on labor and the hassle of renting expensive equipment for high places. These come in many wattage and have a clear finish when lit. These light bulbs also are known as a vibration service or rough service variety as they withstand machine vibration or simply the slamming door in a home. The A21 size is slightly wider than a standard household light bulb.

Product features:
- A21 size and shape.
- Variety of wattage.
- Rough service construction.
- Clear.
- Brass base.
- 8000 hour life.
- Proper illumination for traffic lights.
Traffic signal light bulbs for signs and where a reliable long life is needed.

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