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T8 Undercabinet Fluorescent Light Fixture

T8 undercabinet fluorescent light fixture.
T8 undercabinet fluorescent light fixture.
Price: From $30.92 to $44.93

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Length and lamp:
T8 under cabinet light fixture with a very low profile, perfect for many applications. This has a simple white color with a wraparound diffuser. Rated at 120 volt with a choice of several lengths. It's an nice look, yet economical light fixture that will produce high illumination for a counter space or a desk area the office. You can get this in several lengths so it will fit almost any situation that you may have. You will need to wire it into a power source because it doesn't have a power cord. You can also put these and and for longer rows of light but most people simply use them for a task light underneath a cabinet in most cases. The acrylic diffuser won't yellow and will keep the same white look over many years. Because this use standard T8 lamps you will be able to get them far into the future and never have to worry about them being obsolete. It runs on electronic ballast and that carries a five-year warranty against any early failure or defects. This also gives you the choice of using any number of colors that you would prefer to have in your interior space. You could choose anything from a warmer incandescent light color or something that's more like natural outdoor daylight that sometimes people call full-spectrum. In any case, you'll have the flexibility to get the light you want for many years to come without having to make any electrical changes.

Product features:
- Wraparound acrylic diffuser.
- Choice of lengths.
- Hard wire.
- Choice of lamp type with the length.
- White finish.
- 120 volt.
- Dimensions and lamp:
    18 x 5 x 1.75    1-F15T8
    24 x 5 x 1.75    1-F17T8
    36 x 5 x 1.75    1-F25T8
    48 x 5 x 1.75    1-F32T8

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