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T5 Linkable Fluorescent Strip Light Fixture

T5 linkable fluorescent strip light fixtures
T5 linkable fluorescent strip light fixtures
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T5 linkable fluorescent strip light fixture with a very low profile, perfect for many applications. The high color rendering fluorescent brings out the vibrant colors in every object it illuminates. Uses non-proprietary industry standard T5 light bulbs. The slim profile fits almost any design and if you need a certain length you can just link the fixtures together to the length you need. That's what makes the T5 linkable fluorescent strip light fixture such a good choice, the flexibility to adapt to nearly any lighting application. And even though one could focus on the practical aspects of this type of light fixture, it still has a great look as well. The lines are clean and the bulb is covered by linear plastic which breaks up the light and gives it a nice even glow. These are bright light using T5 lamps but it's nothing that is going to be glaring or offensive. It has to be one of the best solutions for any area where you're trying to hide the light and not draw attention to it. Using this in a display case would be an excellent application but also something for under cabinets as well. You can choose from different colors in the bulb that comes with the fixture. Everything from a warm color temperature much like incandescent or something like cool white which gives the kind of light you might see in an office you'll like it's flexibility and you'll be able to use it in a number of different applications because it's so easy to install. If you want something that can move with you and can be used in a number of different spaces than this might be the ultimate linkable light fixture for you.

Product features:
- Slim profile 1.7 inch height, .9 inch wide with a white finish.
- Link several together end to end or with joiner connectors.
- Electronic ballast.
- Comes with cord and plug & replaceable T5 lamp included.
- Various size connector cables allow you to connect fixtures together with a simple plug-in.
- Choice of lengths and colors.

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