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T4 Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Price: Starting at $11.00
T4 fluorescent light bulbs are used when a small fixture needs to be lighted. It's operates on an electronic ballast. It has a very small profile and is ideal for things like under cabinet and various applications where a fixture and lamp must be out of the way. T4 fluorescent light bulbs come in several sizes and the size is designated by the wattage that is used. There are also some display cabinets that use them as well.

- F8T4 - 8 watt
- F12T4 - 12 watt
- F16T4 - 16 watt
- F20T4 - 20 watt
- Available in 3000K, 4100K and 6400K color. The higher color temp is considered a full spectrum daylight.
- Lighting color temperature reference.
T4 fluorescent light bulbs are a special size for certain types of fixtures.

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T2 Fluorescent Light Bulbs
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T2 Fluorescent Light Bulbs
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