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T2 Fluorescent Light Bulbs

T2 fluorescent light bulbs for very small diameter fixtures.
Price: $12.95

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T2 fluorescent light bulbs is something that's used in very small tight spaces. It has a very small profile and is ideal for things like under cabinet and various applications where a fixture and lamp must be out of the way. It comes in several sizes and the size is designated by the wattage that is used. These are very specific kind of light bulb and can only be used in fixtures and sockets designed for T2 fluorescent light bulbs.

Product features:
- Picture is shown with ballast, ballast not included, price is per each lamp.
- FM6 - 8.6 inches.
- FM8 - 12.6 inches
- FM11 - 16.6 inches.
- FM13 - 20.6 inches.
- CRI of 80.
- Average rated life of 10,000 hours.
- T2 fluorescent light bulbs for special applications.
- Lighting color temperature reference.

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