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Sylvania PAR14 Halogen Flood Light Bulb

Sylvania PAR14 halogen flood light bulbs

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Item Number: BLF10318

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Sylvania PAR14 halogen flood light bulbs are a 35 watt halogen bulb and is the natural replacement for the older style R14 lamps that have been used for decades. Many people have them in curio cabinets or in display settings which require a white, crisp light. They give off a wonderful white light which adds a sense of light and shadow that you don't get with standard incandescent lamps. The outer reflector shell is a ceramic material and the lens is slightly recessed into the lamp itself. That lens has a frosty appearance producing a smooth beam for maximum spread. For small areas this type of light spread is desirable.

- 2,000 hour average rated life
- 2.5 inches long
- 35 watts.
- Sylvania PAR14 halogen light bulbs replace the 25R14 that some people may have.

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