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Sylvania Metalarc Light Bulbs - Mogul Base

Sylvania Metalarc light bulbs in a large mogul base.
Price: From $20.53 to $43.40

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Sylvania Metalarc is their name for the popular metal halide light bulbs. Some of the fixtures we provide come with metal halide light bulbs, but these are great for replacement as well. These light bulbs have a brilliant white light which is also very energy efficient. They're often used in color critical areas where the yellow color of high pressure sodium simply won't do. These lamps can be typically burned in almost any position and the medium base is the same physical size as a regular light bulb base. Be aware that these metal halides must be run with a correct ballast and fixture that is matched for the wattage. These have been is service for many years as a general lighting source, but they are used for so much more now.

- Pure white light.

- Mogul base, much larger than a standard light bulb base.

- Clear or coated.

- Sylvania Metalarc light bulbs spec sheet (pdf)

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