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Sylvania FT36DL Dulux L Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Sylvania FT36DL Dulux L fluorescent light bulbs
Sylvania FT36DL Dulux L fluorescent light bulbs
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Sylvania FT36DL Dulux L fluorescent light bulbs are a type that is much like the small dulux lamps only much larger. These are the 36 watt version and they have a 4 pin in a row construction on the 2G11 base. This is one of the higher wattage available and is used in flood lighting, cove lights and general overhead lighting. With these light bulbs there are many options for superior light control with better reflector design. It operates on an electronic ballast and usually more than one lamp is run from one ballast. They're easy to install with a straight push into the socket. This wattage rating is typically a mid range bulb which can be used in a lot of fixtures where a lot of light is required but space is limited. It's kind of a compromise without going all the way to the 40 watt which is a little bit longer. There are other manufacturers of the same type of bulb and you won't see much difference from one to another. Sometimes all you see is the way they're connected at the top of the bulb or possibly the socket look slightly different although they all work when they have the 2G11 base. This Sylvania version is particularly good because of its longer life and often it can be used in conjunction with their brand ballast. It ensures that it's going to get a longer life and be the best efficiency possible. We still so many fixtures that utilize this type of lamp.

Product features:
- 36 watts.
- 4 pins in a row.
- 2800 lumens.
- 18,000 hours.
- Sylvania's trade name is Dulux L.
- Choice of colors in 3000K, 3500K and 4100K.

- Lighting color temperature reference.

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