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Sylvania FT24DL Dulux L Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Sylvania FT24DL Dulux L fluorescent light bulbs
Sylvania FT24DL Dulux L fluorescent light bulbs
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Sylvania FT24DL Dulux L fluorescent light bulbs are a T5 tube that are much like the small dulux lamps only much larger. These are the 24 watt version and they have a 4 pin in a row construction on the 2G11 base. It's designed so no other fluorescent bulb could be plugged into that fixture. Some of the fixture types that use this light include 2x2 fluorescent, pendant bowl and some cove lighting. With these light bulbs there are many options for superior light control like flood lights or wall washers used in retail. They are half the length of regular linear fluorescent, but provide the same light output.

Product features:
- 24 watts.
- 4 pins in a row.
- 1800 lumens.
- 12,000 hours.
- Sylvania's trade name is Dulux L.
- Choice of colors in 3000K, 3500K and 4100K.

- Lighting color temperature reference.

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