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Sylvania FT18DL Dulux L Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Sylvania FT18DL Dulux L fluorescent light bulbs
Sylvania FT18DL Dulux L fluorescent light bulbs
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Sylvania FT18DL Dulux L fluorescent light bulbs are a type that is much like the small dulux lamps only much larger. These are the 18 watt version and they have a 4 pin in a row construction on the 2G11 base. Some of the fixture types that use this lamp include 2x2 fluorescent, pendant bowl and some cove lighting. With a choice of colors like 3000K, 3500K or 4100K, you will find the right color that works with your interior space. It's about half the length of a standard fluorescent, but gives off the same amount of light. This is the lowest watt version of any of the Sylvania Dulux L and is oftentimes used in smaller fixtures that have to be more compact. It's also been a favorite of people using it in track lighting to get a broad wash of light for something like a retail display or a wall situation. If you want a warmer color temperature more like incandescent light then use the lower color temperatures. And if you want something that is more like office lighting white then the cool white color will be the better choice. It's a perfect light to get high illumination in a small space and providing that broad wash of light that many people want. Keep in mind that these are not interchangeable with other wattages unless specified by the electronic ballast on the label.

Product features:
- 18 watts.
- 4 pins in a row.
- 1250 lumens.
- 18,000 hours.
- Sylvania's trade name is Dulux L.
- Choice of colors in 3000K, 3500K and 4100K.

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