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Sports Lighter Flood Light Fixture

Sports lighter flood light fixture.
Sports lighter flood light fixture.
Price: $452.83

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Sports lighter flood light fixture is used for sporting events and other types of outdoor larger mean it situations. Most of the time people prefer the white light of metal halide and that's the one you choose up to 1500 watts. The Sports Lighter flood fixture is a special type of fixture made to produce a cone of light in concert with many other sport lights to create an effect of an evenly lit field or playing area. It meets the needs for baseball, football, soccer or any type of field sport.

Product features:
- Die-cast aluminum housing.
- Die-cast lamp housing and ballast box.
- Metal halide lamp included.
- Textured bronze finish with spun anodized pinged aluminum reflector.
- Flat tempered glass with gasket.
- Pole top mount or yoke mount.

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