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Spiral Black Light Bulbs

Price: $13.93
Spiral black light bulbs are fluorescent bulbs and are typically used for several types of effects including the most common one which are black light posters and effects. The sizes vary on length and diameter but all have that special deep purple appearance when unlit. Using these can be a fun in many types of applications where you really want to make a stunning effect. These spiral black light bulbs have a standard household base, making them ideal for almost any situation. You can use these anywhere you might use an incandescent bulb just make sure that it isn't being used on a dimmer. But for most situations in using black lights, most people are going to want full light output. And these provide that for those of you who have nothing more than a regular socket to screw these into. If you have a choice of buying a new fixture then you might want to consider the 4 foot black lights which are going to give you more light output and a better effect as a result. We've seen these used often in places where they need to verify a stamp or some kind of ultraviolet paint that shows up for some kind of security. But no matter where you use these you know that you're going to be able to get that black lighting effect that is most desirable with the standout colors because this is a fluorescent after all. And you

Product features:
- Black light effects and stage effects.
- 15 or 25 watts.
- Spiral black light bulbs are energy efficient and have a great black lighting effect.

Spiral black light bulbs that have a standard household base.

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