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Specialty Flood Light Fixtures

Specialty flood light fixtures are often used in many commercial buildings to light a facade or landscaping. They're a good security light, but not as energy efficient as HID lighting. These typically use a quartz halogen light bulb which can be double ended or maybe single ended with very good light control which will flood an area with light. You'll often see them used in recreational areas as well for sports and other kind of multiuse facilities because of the immediate brightness of the light.
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halogen mini flood light fixture
Halogen Mini Flood Light Fixture
Price: $45.68
Halogen Mini Flood Light Fixture
Halogen mini flood light fixture is an ideal choice for landscape, flagpole lighting or facade lighting for a home or commercial business.
Sports lighter flood light fixture.
Sports Lighter Flood Light Fixture
Price: $407.55
Sports Lighter Flood Light Fixture
Sports lighter flood fixture are made to produce high light levels for sporting events and other large arena lighting needs.
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