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S14 Sign Light Bulbs

Price: $1.48
S14 sign light bulbs have the same base as standard light bulbs, so they can fit anywhere! The deep, rich colors will create the desired effect you're trying to achieve and be sufficient to give a good level of illumination while delivering superior color. People have been using these in signs as well as scoreboards and so much more. We have them available in several colors as well as the most popular versions of clear and white.

Product features:
- Red, blue, green, orange, pink, yellow and more.
- 11 watts.
- Transparent or opaque ceramic color.
- Medium, standard light bulb base.
- Average rated life of 2000 hours.
S14 sign light bulbs for outdoor signs and scoreboards.
S14 sign light bulbs for outdoor signs and scoreboards.

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S11 Colored Indicator Bulbs
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