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BR40 Shatter Resistant Flood Light Bulbs

Price: $8.24
BR40 shatter resistant flood light bulbs for areas where people are doing food handling of any kind and can't tolerate the breakage of the light bulbs. These have a safety coating which will encase the broken glass within it so it will be contained. These are the largest size in a safety coated flood with a 5 inch diameter. Shatter resistant flood lights have a standard medium base and come in several different sizes.

Product features:
- BR40 size.
- Great in areas that handle food.
- Higher wattage for better illumination.
- Shatter resistant flood light bulbs.
BR40 shatter resistant flood light bulbs to keep glass contained.

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BR40 Heat Lamps
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BR40 Heat Lamps
BR40 heat lamps are used to keep food warm over a short period of time and is also used in some agricultural lighting. They come in clear and red depending on the effect you want.
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Saftey coated light bulbs for food service and places where no shattered glass can be.
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Safety Coated Light Bulbs
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