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R40 Dimmable Compact Fluorescent

Price: $17.62
Item Number: BLF10144
R40 dimmable compact fluorescent flood lights are some of the best of all possible worlds when it comes to energy efficiency and flexibility. It's reliable and dims down to 20% of light output. Now they're available in these R40 floodlights as well. They work in recessed down lighting and track lighting and any number of other ways for interior use only. In order to give them, you need a standard incandescent dimmer and that should do the trick. They're made to operate on standard incandescent dimmers making them one of the most versatile compact fluorescent floodlights on the market today.

- 26 watts.
- Dimmable down to 20% light output.
- R40 size replacement, 5 inch across the face.
- R40 dimmable compact fluorescent flood light bulbs.
R40 dimming compact fluorescent flood.

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