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R40 Compact Fluorescent Flood Light Bulbs

R40 compact fluorescent flood light bulbs for substantial energy saving.
Price: $10.76
R40 compact fluorescent flood light bulb are an energy efficient type that many people use outdoors as well is indoors. The face is smooth like a regular R40 floodlight, so what will look the same as anything else you might be using now. The color choices are excellent which include a warm color, a cool color that is like office lighting and a full spectrum color which is 5100k. These have a extra long life and will deliver energy savings whether you use them for recessed indoors or for track lighting. The light that the R40 compact fluorescent flood light bulbs produce make colors stand out like never before making them a natural for retail stores as well.

- 23 watts.
- 1050 lumens.
- Choice of color including full spectrum.
- R40 compact fluorescent flood light bulbs.
- 5 inch reflector.
- Very energy efficient saving you money.
- Long life, change bulbs less often.
Item Number: BLF10141

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