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R30 Daylight Flood Light Bulbs

Price: $6.89
Item Number: BLF10405
R30 daylight flood light bulbs are most often used in the size seen here. By far the most popular as there are many smaller recessed lights and track lighting that use them. These have the same great neodymium coating as other full spectrum light bulbs which filter out the yellows. This makes them a good bulb to use if you want to bring out colors in your home or in a retail application. The light they emit is whiter and truer to natural daylight than any other incandescent lamp on the market today. R30 daylight flood light bulbs can be used anywhere a standard R30 lamp is used. The effect on your lit environment will be noticeable making colors vivid, contrast improved and promoting a general sense of a pure white light.

- R30 daylight flood light bulbs emit a whiter light.
- 65 watts.
- R30 has a 3.75 inch diameter across the face.
- Use it in recessed or track lighting.
- 65R30/NEO or 65R30/DAY.
- Average rated life of 3500 hours.
R30 daylight flood light bulbs

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