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R30 Compact Fluorescent Flood Light Bulbs

R30 compact fluorescent flood light bulbs as a common energy saving replacement.
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R30 compact fluorescent flood light bulbs are an energy efficient type that many people use outdoors as well is indoors. It has a heavier glass face than standard incandescent floods and has energy efficient spring lamp construction. The face is smooth like a regular R30 floodlight, so what will look the same as anything else you might be using now. The color choices are excellent which include a warm color, a cool color that is like office lighting and a full spectrum color which is 5100k. R30 compact fluorescent flood light bulbs have a extra long life and will deliver energy savings whether you use them for recessed indoors or for track lighting.

Product features:
- 16 watts.
- 750 lumens.
- Long life reducing replacement costs.
- Choice of color including full spectrum.
- R30 compact fluorescent flood.

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